Tile Roofing in Sugar Land

Offering a range of exceptional benefits from long lasting durability to significant energy savings, a growing number of property owners in Sugar Land are opting for tile roofing systems over standard roofing installations. Lugar Services Inc. offers a licensed and insured roofing crew that are skilled and experienced with the specific requirements for this centuries old roofing system combined with advanced roofing technology that results in a roofing that offers many benefits.

Is Tile Roofing Suitable For Your Property?

Tile roofing systems have been known to last up to 50 or 60 years due to exceptional materials made from clay, concrete or sand that have been reinforced and refined through an advance d manufacturing process. Although tile roofing is a heavier system and often requires a complete roof inspection to evaluate the safety and structural integrity of the home or building it is to be installed upon, modern roofing technology is continuously evolving to produce a more lightweight composite roof tile that is suitable for a wider range of properties.

Tile Roofing Benefits

Tile roofing is naturally resistant to UV rays as well as pest infestation or deterioration from moisture or extreme weather conditions. Lugar Services Inc. roofing specialist are experienced with tile roof installation that also includes a protective moisture barrier between the roof deck and the tile roof shingles that allow for even more protection. Sugar Land property owners can select from a an almost limitless array of styles m colors and textures to achieve unique styles that add or dramatically alter existing architectural styles that include anything from an authentic rich European feel , to a more rustic appearance or even an ancient enigmatic design. The design combinations are endless and can be customized to specific requirements and style preferences.

Tile Roofing Options

Lugar Services Inc. offers tile roofing systems in a wide range of roofing options that includes alluring Mediterranean roof tile, a full range of mission natural terracotta roof tile and exclusive tile roof shingles that can be fashioned in flat, round or the unique configuration of your choice. Lugar Services Inc. tile roof specialists provide informative consultations and knowledgeable recommendations to assist Sugar Land homeowners and commercial property owners with choosing from the many distinctive roofing options available.

Tile Roofing Cost Effectiveness

Although an asphalt roof for example may cost considerably less to install, its average lifespan with added regular maintenance and repair costs averages at 20 years. The additional expense of tile roofing is ultimately more cost-effective with roof life expectancy that can go beyond 50 years and requires very minimal maintenance.

Finding a Tile Roofing Specialist

Hiring a licensed and experienced tile roofing professional is essential to not only achieving the look you want but ensures proper tile roof installation. Qualified contractors should be certified by the tile roofing institute in the Sugar Land region as well as an active participant in training and industry updates. Lugar Services Inc. provides client testimonials and full warranties for tile roof installations and guarantees labor and workmanship.

Contact a Lugar Services Inc. tile roofing specialist in Sugar Land to learn more about our services today.