Green Roofs in Houston

As a proud and certified green roofer in Houston, Lugar Services Inc. is committed to providing sustainable green roof systems in addition to offering a complete line of services for residential and commercial properties. As a licensed green roof company, our experienced team of eco roof experts design and install customized green roof constructions that include carefully selected plants that have been cultivated to withstand the environmental conditions of Houston urban rooftop areas. Not only will a green flat roof enhance the appearance of your property, but will help reduce energy costs and allow green roof property owners to make a positive contribution to the environment.

Should I Install a Green Roof?

A green roof, also known as a “living roof” is comprised of vegetation that is planted over a waterproof roof membrane. In addition to enhancing a home or business in Houston, Lugar Services Inc. designs an eco roof to provide efficient roof drainage to reduce storm water runoff preserving siding and gutter systems that can also serve as an additional food source. In addition to providing an additional habitat for wildlife, studies have indicated that energy efficient roofing also reduces stress through the additional greenspace available in the midst of a concrete urban atmosphere.

Urban Heat Effect

Aside from these and other benefits, one of the most notable advantages of a green roof system is its ability to mitigate the “heat island effect’ or “urban heat effect” defined as an urban area that is prone to higher temperatures due to a more dense population and the heat from the sun that becomes trapped by concrete, glass and paved roads. Countless studies have shown that the plants on a green roof system function naturally to filter air and rainwater that results in cooler urban areas overall. Extensive research has shown that if more property owners invested in a green roofing system particularly in densely populated cities, the average temperature would significantly drop in the hottest urban areas.

Green Roof Assessment and Installation

As a reputable green roof company, Lugar Services Inc. works closely with home and business owners in Houston to assess a range of factors for property owners considering green roof construction. Learn more about a range of green roofing options that include the installation of a sedum roof, a green shingle roof, or installing an intensive green roof system that are matched up with your particular vision as well as specific budget concerns. Vegetation layout and green roof drainage is thoroughly discussed during an onsite consultation at your home or business.

Consult with our Houston eco roof specialists regarding services that include:

Green Roof Inspection – Includes a membrane inspection, energy efficiency evaluation, design assessment, and irrigation and drainage inspection.

Green Roof Installation – Certified installation of green roof membrane, vegetation and irrigation system according to carefully planned specifications.

Green Roof Maintenance – Fertilizer, irrigation maintenance, weeding and knowledgeable green roofing expertise from Lugar Services Inc. experts.

Green Roof Estimates – We provide an evaluation of your existing roof material and offer qualified advice on the most suitable vegetation and layout for your Houston property.